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Kevin Martin

Amazon Reviewer

“ This pack of brushes worked magnificently on my Oral B toothbrush. Consequently, I will be purchasing all of my brush heads from Health +, including the sensitive packs if these run out. Overall, these brush heads are not only cheaper than Oral B, but also a better overall product. I have wasted hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars, on Oral B brush-heads over the past five years. Don't fall for the trap that big brands, such as Oral B, have benefited from as a result of their own brand recognition.“

Great product for an even better price

Shelagh A Baird

Amazon Reviewer

“ My family of four switched to electric toothbrushes a few years ago, and our two young sons must chew on their toothbrush heads at the rate we burn through them. While I'm happy to encourage good dental hygiene, the proprietary replacement heads were threatening to become their own line item in our annual healthcare budget. When these popped up on Amazon as a generic alternative, I'll admit that I was seduced by their price point but when we switched out the old heads and used these, I was delighted by how clean they got my teeth. I honestly couldn't feel a difference between this head and the Oral-B heads (I'm curious how they get away charging so much!) -- we will be reordering these for sure! “

Seduced by the price, smitten with the performance!


Amazon Reviewer

“I love these brush heads! I was told that I have receding gums! Eek!! I am way to young (I think ?). The dentist said that I brush too hard and that I need to buy soft bristle toothbrushes. So, I decided to give these a try and I am super happy. My gums feel so much better and they work great! My husband likes the hard bristles, but he is getting used to having softer ones. Also, I was told to not brush back and forth with an electric toothbrush. You just let it glide over your teeth. I guess I have a control problem too!! ?“

They Work Great while Helping your Gums